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At ShopTropicals we want both our people and plants to thrive. For us, that means creating a challenging and supportive environment where our people can thrive both professionally and personally. We really want everyone in our ecosystem, from employees to vendors to customers, to neighbors to live their best lives and enjoy working with us. We know that having the right people, doing the right jobs, with the right attitude is what it takes to build a great company.
We are a growing company and plan to continue to face many challenges as we build the company and are always looking for savvy, hard-working, and most importantly good spirited team members to join us on our journey
Come with us and live the jungle!

Corporate Life

Our corporate teams include business managers, administrative and technology staff. We are a 21st-century company with a completely virtual operation and everyone is expected to be technologically savvy. Our cloud-based and asynchronous operation allows a lot of flexibility to work remotely and with a flexible schedule. That being said, our operations are very dependent on logistics therefore, deadlines and targets need to be met or plants die!
The flexibility of our operations blurs the lines between professional and personal life. This means that for those looking for a 9-5 office environment with regular meetings and a complete cutoff from operations after work hours, we are a terrible fit. However, for those who like the idea of answering an email just before a yoga class, launching a marketing campaign just before putting their kids to sleep, hopping on a virtual call from the beach or updating some code from a ski chalet and don’t mind that messages come in at all hours, then our corporate environment is a great fit to thrive both personally and professionally.

Plant Technicians on the Job

As much as we all love plaOur plant technicians are expected to be knowledgeable, personable, customer-centric, and detail-oriented. We service a luxury clientele and our technicians present themselves at a high standard. Although the bulk of our work is indoors, our plant technicians must still be physically fit and capable of handling both indoor and outdoor work and have to be comfortable with physical work and Florida heat. The Plant Technician role is a great fit for those who love plants, like to be outdoors, and like finesse as much as they like fitness

Drivers on the Road

There are only two ways plants make their way around the world, either the wind, the birds & the bees spread them or our drivers move them. Except, our drivers are more predictable! Reliability is the key to succeeding as a driver at ShopTropicals. Our entire business is dependent on transporting plants safely and with as little shock as possible so that we can deliver the joy of plants to customers across North America. If you are dependable, show up to work with a can-do attitude, like to be on the road, enjoy the countryside, are good at building quality relationships with the people you encounter on your routes, and appreciate working with a diverse set of people from all walks of life, then you’ll love being a part of our team.

Crews at Work

As much as we all love plants and beautiful plantscapes, none of it would be possible without a lot of hard work and sweat from our crews. Our crews show up with the right attitude, and get the job done and their can-do spirits inspire everyone to move a little faster and to work a little harder. The work ranges from loading and unloading plants at a warehouse or barn, organizing plants, maintaining, pruning, and propagating plants to installing plants and planters. Our crews can present themselves professionally to do a plant installation one week inside the lobby of a fancy hotel, be deep in the dirt the next week planting a tropical garden, and be running a forklift to load a truck the following week.
We have the best crew in town, so it’s very important to show up with a great team spirit and to love to work with diverse colleagues from all walks of life. The work involves moving plants and planters and is not as strenuous as construction or landscape maintenance, but our crew needs to be physically fit, ready to sweat, and to work fast and hard. As the saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the crew”!

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