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For all life, human or not, to thrive

Our Story

The ShopTropicals journey started in Itacare, Brazil (video below), a Bahian beach town in Brazil’s Cocoa Coast. Our founder, Darren, spent some time in between jobs surfing in Itacare at Engenhoca Beach which can only be accessed by hiking thirty minutes through an untouched rainforest. Call it cliche, but something happened during those daily hikes through the rainforest with towering palms, natural waterfalls and a plethora of foliage that unconsciously connected with him more powerfully than he could ever know. Upon returning to Manhattan and settling into the dream job that he’d always wanted, he started to feel out of place working in an office and living in the concrete jungle. Maybe, it was being surrounded by more people than birds..but whatever it was, he decided to leave his corporate career and to give up the green for the green. He gravitated towards Florida’s subtropical climate and found himself in the tropical plants business. Since then, his mission has been to re-create that experience and to help invite the energy of the jungle into our everyday lives.

Our Team

Along the way, ShopTropicals evolved and has been shaped by our amazing team. We are a symbiotic team of diverse, motivated and spirited individuals that are all looking to grow, transform and thrive. We are all here because we are drawn to the awesomeness of the jungle and do whatever it takes to help enrich the lives of our customers with tropical plants. By whatever it takes, we mean we’ll grow, pickup, deliver, pack, ship, design, install, maintain and really do anything involving tropical plants. For us, it’s not a strategy, it’s a lifestyle!

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