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Our team grows and supplies the highest quality tropical plants and provides design, installation and maintenance services to bring life and luxury into your home or business. Each custom installation begins with a consultation with our detail driven, experienced plantscape designers. We go above and beyond to bring your vision to reality. Maintenance and care is provided on a regular basis to ensure healthy, thriving plants all year long. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. You can trust your plants with us!

We offer

● Experienced Plant Technicians
● On-Staff Experienced Growers
● Plant Replacement Guarantee Program
● Plant Availability

We service

Plant Replacement Program

Since plants are living things, they do not always adapt well to different environments. They can also age and look less lush over time. With our Plant Replacement Guarantee Program, for as long as you continue maintenance with us, we replace plants as needed, at no additional cost to you. This keeps your interior looking fresh and lush all year long!
○ Replace plants that do not adapt well to the interior environment Replace plants that are aging and past their prime
○ All interior plants except for orchids, guzmanias, and small ornamental plants are eligible for the plan
○ Maintenance plan price is fixed at beginning of installation and adjusted annually based on inflation

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