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How Florida Restaurants, Shops, and Hotels Get Ready for Season with Tropical Plant Decor

How Florida Restaurants, Shops, and Hotels Get Ready for Season with Tropical Plant Decor

Florida establishments operate in a seasonal fashion. Florida sees lots of tourism year-round, but experiences heavier pockets in the summer and winter months. Fall in Florida is hurricane season, and as many Floridians know, is not the most optimal time to visit Florida. 

However, fall is a great time for Florida-based business owners to get their establishments looking fabulous for the busy season. If you are the owner of a hotel, restaurant, or other retail establishment in Florida, you’ll want to choose décor which enhances the customer experience, resulting in more sales.

Adding lush and beautiful tropical indoor plants is a quick, low-budget décor option that packs a punch. There is tons of research on the positive effects of greenery on the human psyche and experience. 

Tropical Plant Décor Can Enhance Your Business 

Decorating your business with lush tropical plants has several upsides. Many high-end decorations are difficult to install and costly. Adding indoor plants is simple and low maintenance, while still providing the same high-end experience for patrons.

Plus, indoor plants can do more than aesthetically enhance your space. They cause tangible boosts in the customer experience because humans are affected by plants in a way that other décor options do not. 

Positive Effects of Greenery on Customers 

The positive effects that result from adding greenery to your business can be linked back to something called the biophilia hypothesis. This hypothesis, backed by various research, suggests that humans naturally gravitate toward nature. When in nature, humans feel more connected to their surroundings and happier.

In the modern world, our opportunities to connect with nature are slimmer. So, when someone walks into an indoor space, they do not expect to find lush greenery. When they do, it immediately makes them feel connected and happier. 

Customers Spend More When Surrounded by Greenery 

Whether you operate a restaurant or a shop, your end goal is always to increase your sales! It seems crazy to think that something as easy as adding indoor plants can increase your sales – but research says it does. 

A study conducted by Margrét G. Kristjánsson showed a very real correlation between plants and a positive customer experience.

In fact, the study showed that in stores with indoor greenery, customers are more likely to:

  • Stay in the shop longer.
  • Rate the product quality and overall experience more highly. 
  • Customers will travel further to visit retail establishments with indoor greenery. 
  • Finally, people were willing to spend up to 12% more on products or services in buildings with indoor greenery!

The study was conducted by placing 3 or more plants in a retail space. So, it’s suggested to follow suit and place 3 or more plants in your business to see such results. This study proves that the biophilia hypothesis is very applicable to businesses and customers. By adding just a few indoor plants, your business will enjoy benefits beyond belief. 


Decorating your business ahead of Florida’s busy season does not have to break the bank or cause undue headaches! By choosing a local florist who can provide you with all your indoor tropical plant needs, you’ll ensure your plants are fresh and beautiful. Your customers and business will be impacted positively, making indoor plants a no-brainer for attracting more customers and retaining current ones.

As plant enthusiasts, ShopTropicals not only sells a wide variety of tropical plants, but we also offer interiorscape services to transform any space to create a sense of well-being with tropical plants. Come with us and live the jungle. We offer design, installation, and more services to local communities in South Florida, along with selling all kinds of tropical plants. We partner with US and Canadian growers to secure the best high-quality plants. Find our website here to learn more about us, or get started with interior plant design services on our Interiorscape page. 

To learn more about the effect of indoor plants in different spaces, check out these resources below:

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