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Biophilia - Bring the Beauty of Nature Inside

Biophilia - Bring the Beauty of Nature Inside

What is Biophilia? 

Biophilia is a hypothetical human tendency to be closely associated with or to interact with other forms of life in nature. The word itself is Greek - deriving from “life” and “love,” meaning the word means the “love of life.” A standard definition of biophilia is the inherent connection with nature - whether that means being around plant life or living with it. Everyone has biophilic tendencies - that feeling of grounding or calmness you get when you are totally in nature. Going for a walk outside, and spending a day at the beach, are all great ways we recharge and are examples of biophilia.


Biophilia and biophilic design, which maintains a connection with nature even indoors with natural patterns, natural materials, and plants, has shown many benefits. These benefits include improvement in physical health, cognitive function, and even psychological well-being - making biophilia much more than a hypothesis or philosophy. Increasing biophilia in a home or office would show significant results considering 90% of Americans spend life inside. This shows how crucial it is to dedicate time to take breaks, get outside, and maintain a connection with nature. 

The beauty of biophilic design is that it is not required to have a huge budget or unique space. There are many options or routes when it comes to applying biophilic principles to a space, no matter if you rent or own. Natural light is crucial, which makes it important to have open windows and curtains so the light can flow through. For the indoor plants that are easy to care for, be sure to place them around frequently used areas. To maintain a healthy level of air quality, you can add a HEPA air purifier to any room as well. 

The Effect of Biophilic Design

The main impact of biophilic design is utilizing nature to create a sense of well-being. With tropical plants and the plantscape services that ShopTropicals offers, our business is deeply connected with other wellness brands and services. Imagine taking a yoga class, but instead of being in a big room with bright lights, you are in a room with natural light and natural tones surrounded by tropical plants. You can be immersed in nature indoors, feeling like you are in the middle of the jungle. That is why the ShopTropicals team is partnering with the Coco Connection Market in Downtown Delray Beach. The goal of this monthly wellness market is to foster connections and build community by supporting small businesses that promote innovative approaches to healing.

Check Out the ShopTropicals Jungle Yoga and Green Wall 

You can find us at the Coco Connections Market on the first Sunday of each month. We are partnering with Cocoyogi to create an immersive plant space to take part in “yoga in the jungle.” This is a great way to try out biophilia for yourself and feel the calmness of nature. We will also have a green wall set up with tropical plants for a photo opportunity for social media sharing. You can learn about tropical plants and how ShopTropicals can bring nature into your home with biophilic design. The market is also a good opportunity to check out a ton of local health and wellness vendors. You can learn more about the Coco Connections market on the official website, or check out the official events page here. We hope to see you there!

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